Euphoric Tendencies
is a romantic comedy
about a young writer whose rocky path to creative fulfillment
leads her through hilarious travels
inside the world of world of erotic spanking, bi-sexuality,
personal challenges and, eventually, to happiness and success.

Soular Films and
Actors Repertory Theatre
are currently partnering to film the comedy Euphoric Tendencies

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The Story

Beth Moss is a frustrated writer, bored with her bookstore job, her computer-geek boyfriend, and her inability to write the great American novel. Enter Mina, Beth's new roommate — an effervescent, bisexual, free-spirit, who scoops Beth up and proclaims, 'If you want to be a good writer, get out there and LIVE.'

With Mina's encouragement, Beth leaps head-first into a world she didn't know exists — reading erotic novels, yoga, dancing naked under the full moon, fetish clothing, bisexuality, and a world of kinky sex. Ignoring her novel, Beth fills the pages of her journal with the details of her exciting new experiences, and the changes they're having on her.

After a series of humorous events and mishaps, Beth is given the opportunity to publish her journal and has to make a decision — does she keep this unusual life of hers private, or share it with the world. In the process, she finds herself, her muse, and a far more fulfilling life than she could ever have imagined.